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    What is a Psychological Assessment?

    Comprehensive psychological evaluations (also known as Psychological Assessments) include a series of tests and interviews, which are used to gather important information about the client. The goal of every assessment is to gather information about current functioning, including identifying strengths and areas in need of additional support. After completing the evaluation, we will work together to develop individualized, targeted interventions and supports designed to help facilitate your success!


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    Understanding Psychological Testing and Assessment


    What to Expect from a Psychological Evaluation

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    What do you mean by Comprehensive?

    While I tend to use the term Comprehensive Psychological Assessments to talk about the assessments I do, it is important to note that testing does not only include psychological testing.


    In fact, most comprehensive assessments will include pieces from several different assessment types. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Psychoeducational assessment for academic concerns
    • Neuropsychological assessment to understand how your brain functions

    Comprehensive assessment also means that we will look at other possible explanations for symptoms besides the primary diagnostic question. For example, when someone presents with attentional concerns, we look at ADHD first, but we also look at anxiety, trauma, and other possible explanations for the symptoms as needed! This ensures that you walk away from your assessment with answers and targeted supports!

  • What Does a Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Assess?

    Assessments can provide extremely important information about skills and abilities in many areas. The following areas are commonly examined as part of a comprehensive evaluation...

    Thinking, Memory, & Processing


    - Verbal Reasoning - Attention & Concentration

    - Nonverbal Reasoning - Processing Speed

    - Sptitial Problem Solving - Short-term Memory

    - Long-term Memory               

    - Visual Memory - Cognitive Styles

    - Verbal Memory


    Executive Functioning


    - Response Inhibition - Task Initation

    - Working Memory - Task Completion

    - Emotional Control - Time Management

    - Sustained Attention - Code Switching

    - Planning and Organization - Transitions




    - Reading and Writing

    - Math and Number Sense

    - Test-taking and Study Skills

    - Academic Motivation

    - Need for School Accomodations



    - Reading Social Cues

    - Masking and Camoulaging

    - Getting Along with Peers

    - Managing Emotions

    - Coping Skills

    Sensory & Language


    - Expressing Wants and Needs

    - Conversational Skills

    - Fine-Motor Skills

    - Hand-Eye Coordination

    - Sensory Seeking


  • What does the Process Look Like?



    Learning as much about you or your child as possible through a formal interview.



    Three to six one-on-one sessions to complete a variety of specific activities.



    Meeting to discuss the outcomes of the assessment and the best plan forward.


    Written Report

    A formal written report with all of the findings of testing that can be used for school accommodations and other important services will be provided.


    Continued Support

    I will help you prioritize recommendations and work with you to get the support you need to succeed!

  • Additional Testing Information

    All testing includes...

    • In-person one-on-one testing sessions
    • Assessments examining overall functioning
    • Assessments tailored to the specific referral question
    • Screening for anxiety, depression and other emotional concerns
    • Virtual meetings for easy intake, feedback, and follow-up
    • Comprehensive assessment report with results, diagnosis, and recommendations
    • Quick report turn around and feedback

    Location: In person services are provided in Walnut Creek, CA. Additional services can be done via Zoom but at least one in person session is usually required. Convenient testing option for those located in Contra Costa County (Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Danville, San Ramon, etc.) and Alameda County (Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Pleasanton, etc.).


    Assessment available for all appropriate clients ages 8+.


    Services available in Spanish. Se habla español. Para más información sobre los servicios en español, por favor llame al (925) 247 - 8191.